Nuisance sound: rififi anal fuck between the mediator and the CEO of Brussels Airport

The relations between the director of the Airport Mediation Service and the CEO of Brussels Airport Company, Arnaud Feist, are not in the right place, according to the presentation of the report on Wednesday by its director, Philippe Touwaide.According to Mr. Touwaide, the service has had to deplore various attempts to intervene which have hampered its autonomy and functional independence.

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The report presented Wednesday refers to a past intervention by the governor of Flemish Brabant, Lode De Witte, in the content of the complaints, the working methodology and the response time of the mediation service, currently jav mom composed of five effective employees, two regularly absent due to illness.
The document added that the same service had to deplore the intervention of Brussels Airport CEO Arnaud Feist, who withdrew "without a legal reason" the airport badges granted to him. This file was the subject of a complaint for "obstruction to the missions of the mediation service".

Philippe Touwaide believes that Arnaud Feist accuses him of having committed a number of acts when he was adviser to the Secretary of State for Mobility Melchior Wathelet (cdH). "But I have only faithfully respected the orders of the Secretary of State," added Mr. Touwaide, pointing out that the State Council had restored it a few days ago in his honor.

In a ruling on an appeal by the "Pas Question" association, against the Wathelet plan, the Conseil d'Etat rejected the challenge of the general principle of impartiality of the scheme elaborated, says the association, by Philippe jav son Touwaide. "There is nothing abnormal" in the fact that the Secretary of State from which the contested acts originate "surrounded themselves with the persons competent in matters of air traffic ... It is normal that the competence that these persons have acquired Comes from experience in the matter by the exercise of certain functions or by militancy for the benefit of a part of the population concerned, "concluded the High Court.

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