Stéphane Renier appointed tight anal president of CWaPE

The future owner of the CWaPE, the Walloon regulator of energy, is known. This is Stéphane Renier, who was acting president and legal director.

Stéphane Renier Porn BBW will be the new president of the CWaPE, the Walloon energy regulator. He led consumer services and legal services. He was also acting president of the regulator since the retirement of former director Francis Ghigny at the end of January. Its first challenge will undoubtedly be the management of DSO tariffs, a competence previously awarded to the federal government, but jav School which has just come down to the level of the regions.

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The former chairman of the Walloon energy regulator Francis Ghigny referred at the end of last year to a pressure from the PS when it was questioned at the end of the previous parliamentary term to extend his mandate until the end of January 2017. It was, according to him , To prevent him from applying for a renewal in due form which would have opened a new five-year term.
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President since 2012, he was concerned in November 2016 that no call for candidacy has yet been launched by the government to replace him. "It worries me, and that must be of concern to you too, you who believe in the virtues of a strong and independent regulator," he declared at the close of the energy meetings. The former chief of staff of Ecolo José Daras feared then a socialist maneuver to take control of the regulator. Christel Evrard, vice-president of the Cwape, formerly of the Cabinet Marcourt and otherwise sister-in-law of Paul Magnette, was at that time strongly urged to act in the event of vacancy of power.
The Walloon Energy Minister at the time, Paul Furlan (PS), had Jav Nurse not hidden his annoyance at these declarations. "I see a certain freedom in his remarks related to his retirement," the minister said in the Walloon Parliament.

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