5 "provocation" of the Little Mermaid will make the guy stand sit

1. Jumping on the bed

Any man can take your eye off the mound, not picking peaches Bong couples stand. That is the reason that "The Man Show" (a comedy about men ) again use the model with her plump breasts jump on the 成人動漫 trampoline to closing the program. If you have a round stretch chest mold you apply this. Let's Dance on a bed mats, or even on a soft couch, the guy will be attracted and want to embrace green grab you for that view. Then "it" next to the sheer will.

2. Sure aisles of guy

Wearing sexy pajamas, waited after the shower Guy Standing at the door to the bathroom guy definitely can not get out. When the guy asked, well that just look at the guy in a provocative way. The guy must be very curious and looking at you intently, then the guy will break by the initiative.

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3. Wearing guy

One day the guy came home and caught you in the baggy shirt of the guy. He would like like to closing up scholarship and Andy's shirt off you. 

Better, when you make yourself wet thin fabric layer, pressure tight to your body will cause the guy can't turn a blind eye.

4. Apply the body into glass door
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If your bathroom is not fitted glass doors, you can use the plate glass window placed in the eye of guy (remember that in only 2 people), such as plate glass turned out to the backyard when he spit on the grass. Please close the body, especially "double mountain" on broken glass. This will make you look very sexy when bathroom and are sure he will want to bathe with you soon.

5. Swaying music

Prepare yourself for a most charming music and shake her music. What's interesting and satisfying than when looking at your body vibrates slightly one way such eroticism. Please note to costumes, your body will more glamorous satin, lace fabric layer. Even the guy's never interested in women's medicine cabinet will also hardly restrain was seeing you in a very sexy outfit the same music full of love.


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