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No longer desires "that"? Already for a long time can not "on top"? Eat the fruit, it will help you a lot.

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Eat fruit right to the "love" tonight more temperature-1

Cam help improve the room story

Citrus fruits, especially oranges cloves have many features that help improve the room story. They contain phytonutrient hesperidin, a substance that helps increase blood flow, which helps boost libido.

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In the previous experiment, the researchers gave a group of volunteers to drink 2 cups of orange juice per person, and the detection of blood flow was significantly increased after that.
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Research indicates that stress directly affect sexual desire, and vitamin C is an antioxidant and push back stress in a powerful way.

Eat fruit right to the "love" tonight more temperature-3

Stress directly affect sexual desire

The cloves, citrus fruits also works with sperm health. The fruits are high in vitamin C content that helps the sperm works better, prevent them to pack the Department seat back causing less effective in the insemination process.

Cam also works a lot in helping women improve fertility.

A study conducted in 1997 by the year 2000 at the Sapporo Medical College and hospital at Sapporo Toho in Japan showed that the addition of vitamin C improves the amount of female hormone to 53% in women who had difficulty in getting pregnant before. Thus they were able to get pregnant naturally without the help of high technology.

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