The three is the underlying disease, make ebony lesbian porn your skin dry and itchy, in dry, scaly...

If just dry skin due to lazy to drink water, were able to easily fix. But even when you drink water, topical lotion full that's still dry, itchy skin and strange symptoms difficult to explain the need for you to do is visit to dermatology. 

Completely dry skin manifestations may be warning signs you are infected.

Completely dry skin manifestations may be warning signs you are diabetes, thyroid, kidney disease, and not just because the body loses water in a simple way.

Diabetes can cause the skin to deteriorate and fissures

Thyroid dysfunction can make the skin becomes dry, rough and scaly.

And because the thyroid hormone have receptors on the skin and acts to ensure the new cells continue to replace the lost cells, so when the thyroid disorders, then also the reasons for your skin becomes dry, rough and scaly.

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Dr. Ann Myers, author of the book "the Thyroid Connection" recommend a visit if you have the above symptoms. Your doctor can confirm or exclude the possibility you suffer thyroid disorders after performing a series of tests needed. This will help in the proper treatment of the disease and more effective.

People with kidney disease or were also dry and itchy skin
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In the words of Dr. Joseph Vassalotti, Medical Director of the U.S. National Kidney Hospital, dry and itchy skin condition can occur when the kidneys no longer hold the balance between the minerals and nutrients in the blood. Some other symptoms usually accompany include: fatigue, distraction, urinating more, swelling edema.

People with kidney disease or severely dry and itchy skin also.

Helene Rosenzweig, a dermatologist in California, associated with the UCLA School of medicine, said that seems unrelated, but the disease diabetes can affect the skin. When high blood sugar, dehydrated body with more speed, make your skin also lost water. Diabetes can also interfere with the mechanism of secretion of the sweat of the body normally, which reduces the amount of moisture on the skin. And when the skin becomes deteriorated, dry, chapped, as vulnerable due to the bacteria thrive, increase the risk of dangerous infections.

Diabetes can cause the skin to deteriorate and chapped.

Obviously if only seen every sign, then the conclusion is hardly dry skin due to diabetes. But if accompanied by other symptoms such as feeling thirsty, urinating a lot, fast of hunger, fatigue, blurred vision, then you absolutely should not delay the visit. Can your doctor will conduct blood tests to diagnose your disease.

Thyroid dysfunction can make the skin becomes dry, rough and scaly

According to share serialized Dermato Endocrinology, medical experts believe that the thyroid hormone production is responsible for keeping the cells of the body to function. When these hormones are not produced enough (in level too low or hypothyroidism), then every other activity in the body will start to slow down. The result brought is can you feel more tired, cold, became disconnected, depression and constipation.

People with kidney disease often has no symptoms until the late stages, when the kidneys do not guarantee the functioning of it or when there is a lot of protein in the urine. However, the symptoms can also be confused with other diseases, so, the only way to know for sure is you kidney disease or not is to take the examination and implementation of urine tests, blood tests. If you are at high risk due to high blood pressure, diabetes, a family history of kidney failure, or if you are over 60 years of age, the more you need to check the health of your kidneys.

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